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The Inner

It’s a elementary base quantum technology, bond directly into a host body, it needs a sentient host to work, the Inner shows in the host on the skin, looks like a tattoo, the size it’s the level of power a body size installation can give the user a full range of control over it’s own body at a molecular level and control over the surrounding environment.   The level of the movement, molecular change, energy search, information transmission even elemental particles manipulation demands a fuel for the Inner, on the user it’s the chemical reaction in the body. The range of emotion a sentient being experience and it’s reactions in the body create a optimal a different type of fuel to create a different level and type of energy in the Inner.


A very simple part of the Inner it's common, to participate in government elections, communicate or for survival on interstellar travel.   But a more complex version for combat or research and development is more control to only a few people and military personnel.   The most complex version of the Inner only the most powerful people in the society can pull it together because of the materials and fuel for installation only required surpasses the existent available. The Godlike weapon at it’s full power it still out of reach at least until there is enough fuel.
Acceso y disponibilidad
A very simple part of the Inner it's commun
Its separated in 3 versions, one for common people, other for investigation and military and a their that it's the full version of the Inner.
At the time of the union, when the knowledge of the species came together the fist discoveries of the inner were identify, but it was until the union with the Hollow that explain the missing parts and the fist prototypes of the God weapon were made.

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