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Elemental stones

The elemental stones are one of the greatest advancements in the history of the world. They allow for the storage of dragonborn elemental energy to be used in many different ways. Cold elemental stones are used to preserve food, poison stones can cure a person of dissease and fire stones can be used to warm a home. These practical uses are all relatively new. Their original use was to enhance the wearers abilities in combat. A warrior may call forth the elemental energy locked inside and produce elemental magic. A fighter trained in using a lightning stone may paralyze their opponents, call a lightning bolt to strike the enemy, or restart the heart of a fallen ally.


The first use of elemental stones was to enhance the abilities of soldiers. This advancement nearly led to the end of the war. After the war, the elements were used in various other ways. Cold to preserve food, electricity and fire to power machines, poison to extract dissease from a body.


To refine raw elemental stones, they must be purified. Raw elemental stones contain primordial energy that needs to be removed before any element can be infused in it. This is a long process which involves exposing the stone to tremendous amounts of force. Dwarves and dragonborn have special workshops next to pools of lava to heat the stones enough to be able to process them.
The first couple to produce a functional elemental stone were the gnome Terry Tubs and dragonborn pioneer Mikos'Era
Access & Availability
Raw elemental stone remains hard to mine. It lies near the depths where it is very difficult for a dwarf to mine because of the heat. Once it is mined and refined though, it can be used over and over again, even when the elemental energy is depleted. They are also very hard to destroy. Therefore the amount of elemental stone available tends to keep increasing over time.
An empty elemental stone needs to be filled with elemental energy. In the early days, this could only be done by the internal energy of a dragonborn. Later, the gnomes learned how to do this without the aid of the dragonborn, and even learned of other elements to infuse the stones with. Regardless of the origin, an elemental stone needs to be handled with care. Inexperience can lead to the elemental stone releasing all its energy at once, resulting in an explosion.
When the dragonborn first came into the world, they shared their knowledge of the depths with the dwarves and gnomes. The dwarves, who never dared to go to the depths, learned to mine the substance called raw elemental stone. Together with gnomish engineers, and a bit of aid of the godess of knowledge Besul, the dragonborn created fine elemental stone.
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