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Reido in the Daihaha

The most technologically advanced things besides tree houses and rope ladders are metal knives, pans, pots and hammers. Those however are very rare and only aquired through trading.   More importantl is the advancement of "reido" in theire culture. "Reido" is the art of utalizing the omnipresent, supernatural force called, "sonzai". Because "sonzai" is omnipresent in the entire universe, everybody can learn "reido", often people are even using it unconciously to a small extend.   The ways in how to use the "sonzai", are plenty and complex, but they can all be boiled down to the two basic principels: Connecting and Immitating. When using "sonzai", you don't feel the force, you feel whatever it is that its connecting you to.   The most common everyday uses for "reido" are, increasing youre strength by working in a team and connecting each others muscles to each other in a prayer, then you let the "sonzai" immitate the muscle strength, cut the connection and unite with the new strength. This way each person gaines a bit more power from everyone else, depending on how strong the connection was, however this usually only lasts for a few moments, masters can hold it up to an houre at most. A very good hunter can connect himself to all of his surroundings and sense potential prey nearby, but if the hunter is not carefull, completely calm and precise, then the prey will be able to sense the hunter in return and flee.   Another way to gain strength, wich is way more difficult to learn but more effective during a fight, is folding. Basicly you do the same thing as in the first method, only way quicker because you only let the "sonzai" connect with youre own body, after you united with youre new strength, simply repeat the technuiqe as fast as possible to benefit from youre already enhanced strength, essentially doubleing the previous effect. During battle, double or tripple folding, are as high as it normally gets, it depends more whos speed and timing at folding is better. If time is not a restraint, then some can maybe reach quadruple, or in very rare cases quitntuple folding. All of this is of course not just limitted to strength, any attribute can be copyied and enhnced this, it just depends on youre mentale state, how familiar you are with something and if its near enough (usually about 2-3 meters).   When it is necessary to stay quite, some leaders, through high concentraition, have learned to communicate a small degree of information to theire tribesmen through "reido".


Carving, cooking, hammering wooden bolts (metal)   Religous rituals, hunting, fighting, building (reido)


Access & Availability
Very rare (metal)   Depending social status(reido)

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