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Factories and Foundries

The factories and foundries are the peak of technology in Foundria. The factories and foundries that the humans built were such a large leap ahead in technology that they renamed their land to "Foundria" in honor of their achievement. With several hundred years of experience in bulding and running factories and foundries the Humans of the island are able to make nearly everything that they need in these buildings.   The humans use various metal ores, which are mined near the shores, in their foundries to create metal alloys that can be used for nearly any purpose. They have special alloys for food cans, hunting weapons, building houses, chopping wood, and many other important tasks and tools.   Their factories are largely used for canning food and purifying sea water, but is also used to mass produce anything that cannot be made in their foundries.   The factories and the foundries run off of wood and produce lots of smoke and pollutants which harm the environment and the humans. The humans do not seem to be aware of the presence of the pollutants as they do not attempt to reduce or displace them. The factories and foundries also produce a large amount of tar, which is used in some construction, such as roads and houses. The excess tar is typically thrown into one of several large tar pits a ways away from any city.   There are no records of when the first factory or foundry was built, but there is no time in living memory when the villages were not covered in them. Given the incredible expertise of the humans in building and running these buildings, they likely started being built within a century of himans arriving on the island. Some people of Foundria maintain that there had been factories and foundries since the world had begun, and that humans were given an innate knowledge of them in order to make use of the trees put in the world.

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