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Universal Power Convertor

Created by Earven
Discovered in 12857, the Universal Power Convertor converts the energy given off by the source of storm magic that Torhim was built upon into virtually any other form of energy, even matter. With this discovery, the city became completely self-sufficient after having previously relied heavily on trade to acquire essential resources.


The Convertors in Torhim were originally used to increase the efficiency of the city's power grid, only later did the Torii start using it to create matter.
Nowadays, specialized Convertors provide most of the city's food supply. More recently, it was discovered that a Convertor could also be used to weaken the storm surrounding Torhim by converting the magic that fuels it.
The first prototype was made by a mysterious group of Toro scientists. The Torhim government continued their work when they disappeared.
Access & Availability
While these Convertors are common in Torhim, there are no known working examples in any other kingdom.
In 12857, a group of Toro scientists demonstrated the first working prototype by successfully creating hydrogen from storm magic. It is unknown how or why that prototype was created, as the project was never documented and the entire team disappeared soon after. Most of the research appeared to have been done in the neutral area East of Torhim.
In response, the Torhim government hired a new team to reverse-engineer the prototype and develop it into the modern Universal Power Convertor, which is able to generate various highly complex, even organic, products.

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