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The People of the Storm

Created by Earven
The Torii (singular Toro) are the inhabitants of the City of Torhim. They are Ellahii who use storm magic, influencing the weather as well as electricity.

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Kezi, Zosi, Jovi, Tori, Jaji, ...

Masculine names

Keza, Zoso, Jove, Toro, Jaja, ...

Unisex names

Zefi, ...


Shared customary codes and values

In general, Torii prioritize scientific progress. Anything else is valued based on what it contributes towards that goal.

Average technological level

Over twenty thousand years of development, the Torii have become godlike, using the Universal Power Convertor to shape the world around them at will, and presenting a threat to even the Assahii. However, they are still mostly limited to using storm magic.

Common Dress code

As a way of showing off their abilities, many Torii wear self-made equipment. Oftentimes, complexity is prioritized over usability or efficiency, as people try to show off as many skills as possible.

Art & Architecture

While generally accepted, art is often looked down upon as a waste of time, and efficient designs are often preferred over artistic ones. If art is created, it is often expected to provide some kind of additional value to the city, such as being a teaching tool.

Historical figures

Toro, the first king, founder and creator of Torhim.


Beauty Ideals

In Torii value physical appearance much less than mental abilities. Intelligence, creativity or knowledge are often considered beautiful.

Major organizations

All citizens of the City of Torhim are Torii and most Torii are citizens of Torhim.
Encompassed species

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