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The creators of Ellahim

Created by Earven
The Assahii (singular Assaho) are twelve powerful beings, each controlling one kind of magic, which they used to create Ellahim, taking the form of twelve kings to lead the Ellahii. They were presumed dead, but, unknown to all but a few, they are still alive, hiding in plain sight, secretly directing the kingdoms they founded towards a brighter future.

Basic Information


The Assahii are shapeshifters, however they usually take the appearance of Ellahii .

Genetics and Reproduction

When imitating an Ellaho, an Assaho can reproduce with an Ellaho as though they were one. The child is a normal Ellaho, although they may be slightly better at using magic than their peers.

Dietary Needs and Habits

The Assahii sustain themselves on the natural magic of the world, but in order to maintain a convincing disguise, they need to adopt the habits of the creature they are mimicking.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

The Assahii have a strong connection to magic, each using a different kind. They created Ellahim and as such can change it however they wish.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

The Assahii are each known by many names, but each has a true name which they and the Ellahii who followed them use.
The names follow a consonant-vowel-consonant-vowel scheme, with both vowels always being the same, although not all feature both consonants.

Gender Ideals

The Assahii do not have a concept of genders. Depending on interpretation, they either have one gender or twelve, one for each.


The Assahii created Ellahim and took the form of twelve powerful kings to direct the Ellahii towards the creation of kingdoms around the sources of magic from which Ellahim was created. Then, they staged their deaths and have since been directing the Ellahii in secret.

Historical Figures

  • Miki, Assahii of water magic and founder of Mikhim.
  • Joto, Assahii of earth magic and founder of Jothim.
  • Nili, Assahii of wind magic and founder of Nilhim.
  • Fere, Assahii of fire magic and founder of Ferhim.
  • Toro, Assahii of storm magic and founder of Torhim.
  • Lojo, Assahii of light magic and founder of Lojhim.
  • Sava, Assahii of dark magic and founder of Savhim.
  • Ara, Assahii of steel magic and founder of Arhim.
  • Dese, Assahii of wood magic and founder of Deshim.
  • Reke, Assahii of blood magic and founder of Rekhim.
  • Vi'i, Assahii of void magic and founder of Vihim.
  • Naga, Assahii of thought magic and founder of Naghim.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

Although the Assahii originally viewed their creations, including the Ellahii as little more than tools, they have since grown to appreciate the Ellahii and now see them more as equals.
Genetic Descendants

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