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Cold Iron

The artificer wipes away the grime from the metal of the outer hull. The etchings revealed bring a small smile to his face. But then he looks across the rest of the wide, cold iron hull and his smile disappears. It will take a long while to reveal the full etching. Hearing the mumbling of a voice behind him, he turns around just in time to feel a blast of air push him against the hull. Adjusting his spectacles, he glares at the Druid who casted it. The Druid shrugs in return, then steps towards the hull, placing a hand on it.   The artificer lets out a sigh, then turns toward the metal hull and marvels at how much of the dirt and grime was blown away by the Druids spell. He takes a step back when the etchings begin to react from where the Druid placed his hand. It was no mere etchings placed there for the eyes pleasure. It was magic.


Currently, Cold Iron is used to forge weapons so as to defend themselves from the Wild Hunt as it is anathema to them. A few artificers are looking into different uses for the iron however.
The Gods of Old
Access & Availability
Rarely. Shard is quite possibly the only source of Cold Iron within the Forest and the Forestkin, hope to keep it that way.
The Forestkin within the Forest of Shadows came to live in Shard after fleeing into the darkest parts of their old homeworlds forest. The whole of their race discovered powerful and primordial magic within this forest. Using this magic, they opened a wide portal into a brand new world for them to live in. This specific group found themselves transported into the Shard and the magical metal within it.

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