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Equipment is crafted to withstand the dangers of the remembered world, breathing devices against spores of the wind, clothing against temperature, masks against sand, snow storms. Caravans enforced against feral beast, to transport goods.


Mathematics, with a senary (6) numeral system. Adding a line to a number adds its value (I V N M..). You can use your hands for counting. A fist is a zero, one finger, most often the thumb, extended equals one, two equal two, three equal three, four equal four and then all five extended equals five. You then form a fist, as you’ve counted a set of six, and raise one finger on your other hand, showing you have one six and zero ones. a fist is zero, one finger (or thumb) extended, two, three, four and then all five extended, the other hand counts the completed sets. ∝ Additions, ⧵ subtractions, ♤ divisions, ♡ multiplications, - logarithm and ⋇ exponents all have signs written from the top to bottom. Angles are written with ⦛ ( = Pi), and graphs are described with ≬ ( = e ), Numbers can’t be written after each other without using a symbol, allowing an easier change of counting systems.


Imagine a life without noticing anything. It would truly be nothing. Therefor at least your world is only what you perceive. Perception is bound by sentiments(discomforts), causing movement until comforted with euphoria. Scholars create deceptions with spells, or enchant trinkets into talismans, radiating charms: Satanists or shamans cause pain, create contraction repair muscles give strength or disability. Magicians or sorcerers cause doubt, create abstentions, repair memories give wisdom or paranoia. Druids or witches cause nausea, create secretion, repair immunity give vitality or sickness. Tricksters or charmers cause lust, create consumption, repair glands give patience or madness.
Scribes, study geography and history, creating scrolls, like maps(illustrations) and poems(literature). Alchemists, study biology and chemistry, creating viols, like elixirs(medicine) and nourishment(odours). Smiths, study physic and Mathematics, creating tools, like dynamos(engine) and prosthesis(diskettes).
The root system Language. Top to bottom is a word, left to right is a sentence, you can construct and understand all words, dissecting the word into vowels and consonants. Vowels above tell if the word is a verb, noun or adjective. Consonants determine the words meaning. ค ด ศ ฅ ต ก ถ ภ ฦ[nd] add, plus, attach ฌ ฒ ญ ณ[ls] option, or, choosing ผ พ ฬ ฝ ฟ [nk] remove, minus, absence ๑[pn] position, place ง[st] thin, line, long ล ส[pl] flat, layer ห ท ฑ [rk] Big, fat, massive ๔๕[rb] round, bend, circle ๛[lk] rough, sharp, corner ๙[lm] Fire, warm, cloud, gas อ ฮ[sb] liquid, water, sticky, ๖[rt] Ice, cold, hard, rock ร ร ร[ld] Right(yes, true) ว า ว[nf] left, (wrong, false, no) ษ บ ย ป ช ฃ ซ ฆ ม น[rl] Back, behind, hide ฎ ฏ [pf] Front, before, face, show โ ไ ใ ๆ[lv] up, sky, top, high, raise แ เ[rv] down, bottom, deep, sink, low ็[eij] Attribute, adjective, similarity ิ[üu] Thing, object, mass, noun ั[ao] Time, verb, action, movement, change +[hL]zero, no, nil, empty .[mn]one, alone, single ..[schs]two, double, duet, duel …[wf]three, trio ….[bp]four, quartet …..five, quintet ……[kg]six, senary O[rch]all, infinite, full

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