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DNA Splicing

On Romnuchic, every species that produces seeds can produce offspring through cross pollination, except hybrids and Canlesiz. That is, until man decides to play God.


Originally the technology was just an experiment, to see if - and how - it would work, probably so it could be used for creating new, exotic breeds of plants and animals to sell the byproducts of. But once it was discovered how dangerous and effective turokawiz are in battle, the War Dog Project was created. It's purpose was to create these hybrids to serve as weapons of war. Which, by any means, is a misuse, although still the intended purpose.
The Nuren Aza Laboratory as a whole was the one who discovered the technology, as no one scientist was solely responsible for the "accident" that led to the success of the experiment, and all of them contributed in re-creating it.
Access & Availability
The military guards this technology VERY closely, keeping the information from the public even when the hybrid turokawiz become a danger to civilian lives. It has been shared with a few laboratories, but only ones that are owned and operated by Nuren Aza and have been vetted for security.
Certain specific requirements must be met for the DNA to splice properly, so it's fairly complex. No specific machines are used to make it happen - it's more circumstances that make it work. However, what those circumstances are is the thing that is so closely guarded.
The discovery was the result of an experiment specifically conducted to produce DNA splicing technology. However, the final success was an accident, and none of the scientists were quite sure how it happened. They spent months trying to re-create the circumstances that produced the hybrid, but around a year past before they were finally able to replicate it.

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