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This world was created by an all-powerful goddess who one day became bored and, taking inspiration from the Earth, created a universe of her own. The planet features four main landmasses, sparkling golden seas, vicious plantlife, beautiful but dangerous terrain, and a species with the drive and ambition to explore it all. Everything is tied together with a layer of magic, which affects everything from the government to common household chores. The system of power consists of defeating the previous ruler in combat, so strength is held in very high regard in this world. The afterlife is something everyone seems to want in the living world - a second chance, a way to redeem yourself for the wrongs you did while alive, if you did enough of them. And the settlements themselves hold an array of secrets and stories waiting to be told - a mysterious squadron of powerful magic users, deformed creatures wandering the streets while completely invisible, a young adventurer trapped in the space between the living and the dead, an exploratory mission gone horribly wrong. Romnuchic is teeming with possibilities, both for it's citizens and the people outside the world itself. For gods roam the empty skies, and they have begun to take interest in this new universe.

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