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Bug Eyes

Organic Glasses

Written by SnoopFluffy

In the spindlesylphs society bug eyes denote glasses made of a syrup that is secreted by domesticated Chartipters.

The immense knowledge in the fields of biology and medicine made it possible for spindlesylph scientists to create these peculiar glasses and their lack in knowledge in the fields of geology and their dislike for living in mountain terrain prevented them from discovering the crystal alternative.

Since a lot of spindlesylphs are short-sighted, the demand for bug eyes sky-rocketed.


Bug eyes are glasses for short-sighted people.


Since most spindlesylphs are short-sighted, the lenses had to be concave. Flat disks of bug syrup are gouged with the frames. The frames are spun quickly until the centrifugal force pushed more of the tough material to the edge of the frame. The lense is now concave and can, with precise enough manufacturing be used as glasses to counter short-sightedness.
Access & Availability
Since most spindlesylph villages keep Chartipters, the necessary syrup is always available. The process of manufacturing is quite difficult and thus high quality bug eyes are only available in the bigger villages or through trade.
The manufacturing of bug eyes requires high quality measuring tools, a refinery for high quality syrup and a precise centrifuge.
The transparent syrup and its hardening quality were discovered as Chartipters were domesticated to farm another body fluid, a milky substance used as food. Spindlesylph scientists discovered the syrups application as a lens while looking through naturally formed, hardened drops and noticing their magnifying effect.

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