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Technology of Oakshire

While there isn't much technological progress, the humans of Oakshire have a headstart on creating specific magical potions. In the city, the wizards have been creating and improving the same potions over and over again. While in Oakshire, the alchemists have been experimenting with different herbs from the forest for years. Some herbs are very rare and have not yet been used by people outside of this village. These are seemingly not the most useful potions, but might have some value if you further think about it. Some effects of these potions are:
  • Increasing the range of smell for a few minutes
  • Hair grows three times as fast for an hour
  • Become hyperactive for a few minutes
  • Hallucinating about things you desire (drug, can be addictive)
  • Utility

    It's not yet suitable for consumption. The discoverers are still testing it for short and long term effects as well as usefullness.


    Grinding the herbs to small pieces, then putting the correct amounts in some water and boiling it.
    The alchemists of Oakshire. They're looking to create potions that cure diseases because some medicines are too expensive to buy in the city.
    Access & Availability
    These potions can only be found in this village, but they're not for sale. More experimenting and testing is needed before they will sell them.
    Special recipes known only by the few alchemists in Oakshire. The necessary equipment is basic alchemy equipment, it's easy to find or even to make it yourself. The herbs may be a bit harder to find, since some of them only grow in the forest near Oakshire.
    The alchemists in the village have been experimenting with different recipes and herbs for many years. They found some recipes not yet discovered by the wizards who perform alchemy in the big city.

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