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Planar magic

in The city of Therau , there lives a mage by the name of Ravik Hatlerok, who, trough the study of forgotten texts written by those who stoped existing ages ago, discovered the forbidden chants and rituals in wich the escence of the soul is used to contact beings of power unimaginable to men of past and present, now he writes to the king of Faristan urging him to give him the funds to take his experiments to the next step and commune with those who do not belong to this world


Planar magic also allows the user to tap into the universal source of magic and also interact with otherwordly entitys of imense power, some of wich can grant unthinkable powers to the people that deals with them, tough often it comes at a terrible price


Planar magic works by infusing a reactant material with magical energy and then playing the sounds necesary to make the portal
Unknown Recently re-disovered by Ravik Hatlerok
Access & Availability
Only the ancient civilizations knew of the secrets of planar magic, an so when they colapsed the power to acces other dimensions was lost to time, chiseled into stone that no one could read or make sense of.
Planar magic is a simple but dangerous dicipline, all that is needed is a magical reactant and play the right sounds to succesfuly open a portal and avoid tragedy
The mage Ravik Hatlerok had theorised that the magical force that wizards use to cast magic comes from another dimension, and that in this dimension the source of all that power could be tapped into to grant acces to those who can reach it. With this promise he lured the King of Faristan into funding his research, and so Ravik investigated deep into the matter, examinating the writtings of the ancients civilizations who somehow had gained acces to this terrible power, and so, 5 years later, he managed to open a portal to the dimension of eldrich horrors fron where all the magic energy drolls into the mortal realm

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