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Dragon Magic

Magic is the is the power of the soul, the power of life itself as an energy, manipulated and directly applied to one's surroundings. I infuses all living things and interweaves entire ecosystems. Those of innate arcane talent tend to be more closely linked to the life around them, will those who learn cast spells without this mystical connection can reap the benefits without suffering direct consequences.   Dragons are one of the most magically inclined creatures on Earth, able to move mountains, transmute lead to gold, control the weather; in large numbers they can even warp space to travel to vast distances in mere steps, and seal themselves off from outside intruders.   The most power by far, though, are cosmic entities, beings powerful enough that they can "see" (for lack of a better term) the true nature of reality; a feat often described as having root access to the simulation they live within, or as coming from beyond a "fourth wall" of sorts with its applications described in narrative terms.


Magic have potentially infinite utility, but much like human technology, spellcraft is an academic field complete with new discoveries being made by its leading experts.


As with all magic, a dragon's spellcraft is powered by soul energy. While one's own soul is the most common source for their spellcasting, others are possible; though using the soul of another sapient lifeform as an arcane battery without their permission is equivalent to violent assault in human morality.
Technically, the Cosmic Dragon is the most directly responsible for mortal dragons' magical potential, as it is their mere presence in reality that allow dragons to be a biological occurrence throughout space and time.
Access & Availability
Every dragon has their own magic; it is a manifestation and projection of the energy of their soul, and as such is highly integral to their being.
Despite it being an innate ability, dragons must learn to focus their magic into distinct spells if they ever hope to do more than just produce a breath-weapon.
Dragons, being innately magical creatures, have always been capable of magic; though, their magic has evolved alongside their biology.

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