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The Obsisian Fountain

Fountain Of Normal Water

The Magical Fountain which Fishbowl gets all of its fresh water from.   This is quite important as Fishbow beforehand had to get shipments of fresh water from outside L'Borean. There was a huge celebration when it was finished, and the factory that once created fancy carpets was converted into a water plant. With bronze shipped from the dwarves, they created the pipes which lead all over the metropolis. They had to do a lot of moving and digging the around causing some chaos in the city as they were trying to set up the pipes. Though things did settle down again after the while, there was a collapse of one of the tunnels trapping a few workers inside.


Water is pumped all across the city via pipes from the basin of the Fountain
Obsis Nonosix
Access & Availability
It isn't very commonly seen by citizens, mostly just the mechanics and pipeworkers who's job it is to watch over them. The citizens of Fishbowl don't care as long as their water is running, a rare commodity in the Twilight Realms.
It isn't a very complex work of magic, but no one really knows how Obsis did it. They just know it works, many assume that it instantly magically cures the salt water of the Endless Ocean into drinkable water. But the truth is that the Endless Ocean is a fresh water ocean, Obsis just said he used magic because everyone just assumed that the Endless Ocean was salt water.
It was built using ancient arcane stone in the newly built Obsis Factory which was producing carpets. Obsis Nonosnix, the founder and creator of the factory. Was funded by the State to construct a Fountain that would provide fresh water for the city of Fishbowl.

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