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Dolls, Cloth Automatons

Accompanied by a soft sound of ticking and whirring, a servant prepares a meal. His movements are precise but stagnating, his skin is soft but not human. Dinner is ready just as his master returns from work. After all, Automatons are always punctual.   Automatons are artificial people made by dollmakers. Their appearance is made to best resemble humans, but their bodies are covered in fabric and stuffed with cotton. This softness lead to them being called dolls, as that's what they resemble.


They are largely used as servants for more menial tasks. Their bodies can break easily if put under too much pressure, so they don't perform many physical tasks, and while they are adept at learning processes and memorizing patterns, their intelligence is different from that of humans. They lack their inventiveness and imagination, placing them firmly into the position of assistants.


A single Automaton takes months to create. Usually worked on by a single dollmaker, this person puts together the inner skeleton and workings of the Automaton and personally cuts and sews their outer shell.   Apart from manufacturing dolls, the Dollmakers Guild also strives to always improve on their creations and make them all the more useful to society.
Automatons were a direct result of the Tinkerers Guild's efforts to make an artificial person. The team was lead by Amanda Drossel who created the first Automaton. Later, the team was separated from the Tinkerers Guild and together they founded the Dollmakers Guild which Amanda was the guild master of.
Access & Availability
Dolls are known and liked by all, though mostly owned by guilds or richer folk.
As far as tinkering goes, Automatons are the most complex a machine you can create. They require months of work and very precise manufacturing. Only the best from the Tinkerers Guild are allowed to join the Dollmakers Guild.

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