Hirsch Penetration Drive

A penetration drive capable of operating in high gravity environments and traversing the Echo
The Future is Now is a cheesy sci-fi setting set in a nonsense universe where humans were exterminated without a trace eons ago and are long forgotten. The only remnants of humanity is that it's culture survived in a universe full of humanaboos.

The difference between a piloting ticket and a floozy is what they hit.
— Former Pilot
The following information is confidential. Under protection of the Culturate, illegal access may result in the destruction of your immediate kin and their race/home-planet.
The Hirsch Drive can operate in high gravity environments, such as standard planetary surfaces and black holes, allowing safe penetration in rear space outside of zero gravity environments.   Theoretically, the Hirsch Drive can be used to traverse the Echo safely, allowing faster than light travel throughout the universe.

Penetration Drive

Warm up the Penetration Drive, once we've achieved full penetration, we're coming into rear space.
— Captain Jacke Steel
A faster than light engine that works by traversing through Rear space, a stable higher dimensional region. The Penetration Drive revolutionized logistics, allowing travel between galaxies within the average Sentient's lifespan. Normally travelling through real space is limited by the speed of light and takes years to traverse between solar systems, although not used within local star system due to the lack of precision.


A spaceship in station is safe, but that's not what spaceships are built for
Silic engineer
Regions of unstable Rear Space that cause Penetration Drives to spontaneously combust. Echos effectively prevent FTL travel, which can strand travelers unprepared for a decade long journey to the nearest relay, if the ship isn't just blown up to scrap.


These dangerous concentrated areas of Echos originate from Vibrational Fissures, known as Vibes or Fissures, often found near certain black holes and super massive stars. Occasionally these Fissures expand and drift, sporadically spreading Echos over vast distances quickly and suddenly.


Echos creates vital fuel for Penetration Drives and Janus particles.


Currently only the Culturate have the technology to harvest and clear Echos, though it is a slow and expensive process that takes several space years to clear depending on it's density.   Rumor says creatures live in Rear Space where Echos happen, although there are no official reports that confirm this.

Research Report

Status: On Hiatus.
Testing Grounds: Pithos Genesis Research Station
Supplementary Notes: Prototypes fell into a black hole. Refer to notes on Habitat 7

Cover image: The Future Is Now. by Allistar Sparks


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