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The Taming of the Untameable Vankas

Finally, ever so finally, we can harness the power of our ancestors again...


These plants are catalysts for magic lost to time, it takes one plant per spell level to cast one spell. Once the spell is cast, the vankas deteriorates into nothingness.


The plant, commonly known as Vankas, requires at least two months to sprout. Because the nature of magic changes every month, these plants die before they even sprout 90% of the time. If vankas is planted on a blue sun, it will not survive the dramatic jolt of the Indigo sun unless the light is filtered to become blue again.
The first wizard to have initially used vankas in spellcasting is lost to time, thousands of years ago perhaps. The current cultivator of vankas as it is known today is Zenza Detraitor the 11th, a half dragon alchemist shunned by society for his scales but now incredibly rich off of his discovery that the color of the light determines the natural state of magic in any given area.
Access & Availability
These plants, catalysts of the arcane, are only available to the richest of the rich. Vankas is extremely rare and fragile. However, when consumed properly, the spell used is truly magnificent as before the recultivation of the plant, wizards had to rely on unpredictable methods given by communion with higher powers.
The complexity of vankas comes not from the plant itself, but from the cultivation of the plant. Tough in every way except to the arcane, the complexity of filtering the correct light to a vankas sprout is somewhat simple if incredibly unintuitive and difficult to execute. No one knows exactly how the color of light on a plant affects the growth of the plant, but some of the world's leading minds are working on this arcane mystery.
The exotic plants in Chromaubade have been known since the supposed beginning of time. These plants once allowed the civilizations before the loss of the moon to harness magic in a safe way. Only now have these plants been cultivated and adapted to function within this unstable era.

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21 Aug, 2018 23:02

I really like how you used the filtering of the suns to help the plant survive. That alone made it rather interesting for me.   I will have to stop reading other people's submissions, else I'm gonna subconsciously incorporate the ideas into my own... Good luck!