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Nidnushoch Ufuch

The nidnushoch ufuch is a device built by the Ujajoxoro from fonujajo in order to detect the shifters in their midst.   During the Shifter Purges, the Ujajoxoro would take the devices to other nations and help the local government detect and purge the local shifter population. During these missions, the devices were highly protected, with a large contingent of dwarf warriors on watch around it at all times.
Access & Availability
This device is a highly guarded secret among the Ujajoxoro. While its existence is known among most dwarfs, how it works and access to it is closely protected. Since the shifter purges ended knowledge of the devices has faded. Only the shifters (now wary of any dwarf with a magical device),the dwarfs, and a few historical scholars are even aware of its existence.
A nidnushoch ufuch in its most basic form consists of a single piece of forged fonujajo, formed into a shape designed to channel a certain frequency of detection magic, which It is then imbued with. Handles of a different material are added. Mass produced devices have plain lines, but devices produced for ritual purposes are more ornate.
During tests around imbuing fire-steel with detection magic, a detection rod was turned toward a research assistant. It indicated the presence of magic. After the assistant was revealed to be a shifter, the team quickly adjusted the enchantments and fine-tuned them to only reveal shifters.
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