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The Ujajoxoro (Fire-dancer) clan is the dwarfish clan that works fonujajo, from mining it to forging it into useful items. They are highly respected among the dwarfs and other species. As far as is known, only the Ujajoxoro are capable of refining and forging fonujajo.   Due to their status, the Ujajoxoro are given implicit veto power over most decisions affecting the dwarfs. However, if it doesn't affect the fonujajo, they generally ignore most issues.


The Ujajoxoro control the cave structures beneath Viž Nuzo, which means they control access to the bulk of the unmined fonujajo in the world. They also control nearly all the raw ore and unforged refined fonujajo.   The nidnushoch ufuch shifter-detection devices were developed by and are fully controlled by the Ujajoxoro. With the exception of small few devices used ritualistically, all known existing devices are controlled by this clan.
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