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Gaiteip Ujajoxoro

Firedancer Home

Gaitiep Ujajoxoro (the birthing place of the Ujajoxoro) is the place beneath Viž Nuzo where the Ujajoxoro first discovered fonujajo and subsequently founded their clan. It is now the headquarters of the Ujajoxoro and home to the principle refining and forging facilities for fire-steel.   Gaitiep Ujajoxoro began as a small complex of natural caverns beneath Viž Nuzo. Over the centuries it has expanded to occupy both natural and dwarf-built caverns throughout the underside of Viž Nuzo, including a temple to Vižaho Jajogidav beneath Viž Tyuot itself.


99.99% dwarf   There are two elfish emissaries, two or three humans from each of the major human kingdoms, one Osnlil and representatives from several other organizations. While not officially considered residents, these representatives generally have permanent status. The dwarfs (especially the Ujajoxoro) are loathe to allow outsiders in, so once an emissary or representative is accepted, they generally remain in the post regardless of any other complications short of death.   Need breakdown by clan and kingdom for dwarfs.


As the official capital of one of the seven dwarfish kingdoms, Gaitiep Ujajoxoro has a fortified residence for the King. While in residence, the King nominally has full governing powers over Gaitiep Ujajoxoro. However, the Council of Seven holds full governing powers. The Council is installed by the King. However, all members but one are Ujajoxoro, hand selected by the clan head. The seventh member is typically not an Ujajoxoro, selected as a token nod toward the theoretical diversity of the city.   The city has held a special position among all the dwarfish kingdoms, even during the various wars the dwarfs fought among themselves. Since the Ujajoxoro consider only fonujajo and its welfare, they've often been considered a semi-neutral city, despite its status as the capital of one of the Kingdoms.

Industry & Trade

The sole industry of Gaitiep Ujajoxoro is fire-steel. Raw fonujajo ore is mined, refined, forged, and crafted within the boundaries of the city. Generally, only final products are shipped from the city, but occasionally refined or partially forged fonujajo is sold to outsiders, generally other dwarfs. It is a rare occurrence for the ore to be exported.   Given the monopoly control the city has on fire-steel, its coffers are always full, and always growing.


Gaiteip Ujajoxoro was founded by the dwarfs who first discovered fire-steel. Recognizing its potential the founded a military outpost to defend it. The outpost rapidly developed into a bustling community as trade in fire-steel goods increased.   The city was the site of the first Shifter Purges when the dwarfs discovered the shifter population within their ranks. They rapidly developed the magic and shifter detecting nidnushoch ufuch to expose the shifters (called nidnushoch by the dwarfs), who where then killed upon detection. Many magic sensitives were killed in the process, as well, resulting in a decrease in fonujajo production for a time, as magic is essential to manipulating the metal.
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~85,000 (nearly all dwarfs)
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