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Viž Nuzo

Viž Nuzo (literally, The Ring) appears, at first glance, to be the remnants of a super volcano. It consists of the outer ring of the caldera and a central spike (Viž Tyuot, The Spear). It is beneath this massive mountain that the dwarfs first located the magic-imbued metal they call fonujajo. The Ujajoxoro have their throne here, near the largest veins of fonujajo.   This unusual piece of geography was created during the First Age, during an epic battle between a god and a powerful wizard. The two were fighting a few miles above the surface when the god sent the wizard hurtling toward the ground. The wizard pulled all his magic around himself as a protective barrier. His initial impact created the ring. However, the immense amounts of magical energy pouring off him unintentionally transformed the ground around him, forming fonujajo all around him and temporarily softening the solid rock. As he propelled himself back up toward the god, the stone immediately surrounding him was pulled up behind him, forming the spear with the canyon immediately surrounding the spear forming as material was pulled upward.


Viž Nuzo consists of the ring itself, Viž Tyuot in the center, and the valley between.   The Ring has rough outer diameter of 420 miles at the base. It rises to a maximum height of 28,522 feet above the surrounding plane, averaging 27,522 feet. The horizontal distance between the outer base to the inner base at the floor of the inner valley averages 123 miles.   The floor of the valley between the Ring and the Spear rests about 5,130 feet above the level of the surrounding plane. It consists of a ring of low rolling hills roughly 117 miles wide. The hills vary in height no more than 1000 feet from lowest to highest.   The Spear rises above the valley 35,128 feet, meaning it towers 40,258 feet above the surrounding plane. It has a 57 mile average diameter at the base. It's roughly centered within Viž Nuzo. It is surrounded by a 2 mile wide, 9,783 ft deep canyon, which widens under the valley into a network of caves. There are several stone bridges crossing from the valley to the needle.   Several streams flow from the peaks of the Ring to the valley, forming a number of small lakes. They eventually drain into the canyon and then further into underground waterways.

Natural Resources

Fonujajo is found in small veins throughout the cave system under the valley. The dwarfs have found massive veins under the Needle.   Iron, copper, gold, and other precious metals are found in varying quantities throughout.
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