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The South-Eastern Sister is the one of the Twelve Islands believed to represent Nushŗa, the goddess of Wisdom and Learning. As such, it has two temples located on it, one with a dedicated library containing rare tomes, one dedicated to meditation and self-reflection. Both see pilgrimages on a regular basis by those looking to expand either their brain or their mind.  

Accessing the Temples

The Temple of Wisdom is on the northern half of the island, nearly three kilometers inland from the Port of Contemplation, which sits on Placid Bay. The continuous current is blocked by natural, underwater formations along the mouth of the bay, making docking at the port a simple task. The temple lies at the end of a series of paths, each path offering a choice. The wise choice always leads closer to the temple while unwise choices leads away.   In contrast, the Temple of Learning is closer to four kilometers inland from the Port of Consideration, located on a small, unnamed inlet. The approach to the inlet requires learning and following a series of signposts with skill or risk crashing on vicious rocks. While the inlet is on the lee side of the island, underwater formations cause a great amount of turbulence around it. The temple lies at the end of a labyrinthine series of geometrical paths. Knowledge is required to solve the puzzles that will lead a traveler out of the labyrinth.  

Temple of Wisdom

The Temple of Wisdom is a large circular structure with a diameter of 120 meters and a large domed roof. There are two primary arched entrances, one on the north side and one on the south. Each is three meters across and four meters high. These entrances do not appear to have any way to be closed to th entrance as the seventh vertex. These smaller entrances have doors that open out and can be barred from the inside.   The roof has a large triangular opening. It opens to the center of the temple and an open air meditation area. This circular area is made of simple hard-pack earth. In the center is a fire pit, which is lit when it is cold outside. It is surrounded by seven columns. Those are surrounded by seven triangular columns. These columns double as the only fullly enclosed spaces in the temple. These rooms are where the regular priests have quarters.  

Temple of Learning

The Temple of Learning is a large structure of various architectures. As it was expanded over the years, each expansion took on the prevailing architecture of the time.   The front doors remain resolutely shut except those who can demonstrate their dedication to learning. There is a puzzle of knowledge that must be solved to open the door. "Cheating" is encouraged. That is, researching how to open the door is one way to demonstrate knowledge and thus is an allowed way to perform the demonstration.   Upon entring the temple, there is a small entry way where an aide takes outerwear and weapons, registering them and securely storing them. Items left can be retrieved upon leaving the temple.   Beyond the entry way is a virtual labyrinth of rooms, each containing at least as many books as the previous. Each room has an attendent, generally either a priest of Nushŗa or a full time researcher. There are tables with chairs and comforatable chairs in each room. Many of these seats are filled at any given time—the library always has dozens of guests. Any number of well known research can be found here at any given time, including the likes of Stastn (Scion of Nushŗa) or Onlen Ninatnlat, the most well learned Osnlil, whose library rivals the Temple.   The Temple's collection is constantly being expanded, as is the temple itself, hence the mish-mash of architectures. Books and other written media are collected by adventures and scholars alike, with Stastn providing a large percentage of the tomes.   The construction of the library is mundane, but it is protected inside and out with powerful protective magicks.
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Manebākāmā, the South-Eastern Sister Island
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