Twelve Islands Lake

The Twelve Islands Lake is located in the northeastern interior of Mis̀tapidna, in the middle of a cold tundra region. It approximately circular and covers an area about 35,000 km². There are four unique features of the lake: its near constant 21°C temperature, the constant current from the center to the edges, the extreme (and unknown) depth, and twelve islands arranged in a near perfect circle.  

Temperature and Current

  THe temperature of the lake is maintained at a nearly constant 21°C, regardless of the air temperature surrounding it, which is usually no higher than 4°C and can get as low as -35°C and colder in the winter.   While the actual cause is unknown, the general consensus among those who have studied it is that there is either some sort of volcanic vent deep below the lake or there is some sort of magical heating occurring. Regardless, it is also believed that the current is caused by circulation of the water. It is warmed deep below the surface, rises up in the center, flows to the outer edges, cooling, and then drops back down to the depths to become heated again.  


  Many attempts have been made to measure the depth of Twelve Islands Lake. None of those attempts have succeeded. By all accounts, it is bottomless.  



  • Twelve Islands Lake
    a.k.a. Zhikabaimot
Alternative Name(s)
Dazhi ne Zhikabi Taimont, Zhikabaimot
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Cover image: Scotland Cliffs by Frank Winkler


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