Manebokā, the Southern Brother. Thought to represent Oŗoros.   The island of Bokā is covered in waterways: a large central lake, ponds, rivers, streams, springs, and swamps can be found across the island. The central lake consumes roughly one third of the land area and is feed by five rivers. It is made of salt water such that creatures that normally only live in the ocean are present.   The Water Temple is on the largest island in the central lake. The island takes 1/10 of the area of the lake itself. Parts of the temple float on well-maintained wooden rafts. The only access to the island is via boat or other water transportation. The shore of the lake has a number of docks with small boats available and there are docks on the island with boats available. The boats are available to all but are enchanted to such that they are only sea worthy on this inner lake.   There is a large tentacled sea monster that dwells in the lake. It resembles a giant squid with ten tentacles reaching lengths of 40 meters. It's head is three meters across and six meters long. It's beak is large enough to swallow most people whole. It acts as a bouncer for the temple. It will guide boats back to the main shore if it feels any of the passengers are not worthy of experiencing the magesty of Oŗoros. It will occasionally overturn boats that have one or more occupants that are especially undeserving. On very rare occasions, it has been known to consume especially problematic people.
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Cover image: Scotland Cliffs by Frank Winkler


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