Manebokāvi, the South-Western Brother. Thought to represent Koďö, the god of conflict and war, to whom there are three temples dedicated on Bokāvi:  
  • The Temple of Martial Combat — This is essentially a fighting dojo.
  • The Temple of War — Dedicated to training generals and strategists.
  • The Temple of Assassins — Dedicated to resovling conflict quickly and quietly.
  • The island has a practice field for large-scale war games.   There are several communities of warriors on the island they are used as troops for the Temple of War to use in practicing their strategies of war. The implements of war used in these war games are made by the Temple of Metal on Bolo as well as Igidav Maho, the Dwarfish Master Forge, also on the island of Bolo.
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    Cover image: Scotland Cliffs by Frank Winkler


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