Manebolovi, the North-Western Brother. Thought to represent Shözö, the god of love, chaos, and passion, the island is home to four temples. All are now maintained by Gitchyi va Tsadza.  

Temple of Love


Temple of Chaos


Temple of Passion


New Temple

To be named in Vitsengan.   This temple was created less than 100 years ago when the Gitchyi va Tsadza decided that while there was nothing wrong with the three existing temples, there realy should be a temple dedicated to Shözö as an all-encompassing being. Each of the other three temples have their speciailzations while this temple honors all the god's aspects as equal parts of a whole. It also reflects the triune nature of most of the Brides' other temples.
Alternative Name(s)
Manebolovi, the North-Western Brother
Location under

Cover image: Scotland Cliffs by Frank Winkler


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