Gitchyi va Tsadza (ˈgitci va ˈʦaʣa)

The Brides of Shözö

Gitchyi va Tsadza is the Vitsengan name of the religion more commonly known as the Brides of Shözö, an order dedicated to the promotion of the god Shözö. They are called the Brides because all official positions (e.g. priests and the like) are filled exclusively by women.   The religion was originally known as Wi Ndiyusnem (The Wives), but the name changed to Gitchyi va Tsadza when that name lost its meaning due to the loss of the Hedta language.


There are three primary types of brides: gitsuya, or bride of chaos; gitsupete, or bride of passion; and gitsupa, or bride of love. Each type represents an aspect of Shözö. The knights of the order are composed of primarily gitsuyachyi. The wizards of the order are usually gitsupetchyi. The healers and providers of maternal care generally come from the gitsupachyi.   Each temple is lead by one of each class of gitsu, the most senior at that temple. Collectively known as gitsudzi, they are the Gitsuyadzi, Gitsupedzi, and Gitsupadzi. The gitsudzi of the primary temple at Zi Tsadza Dzipu, known collectively as gitsuve, are the leaders of the organization as a whole, with the titles of Gitsuyave, Gitsupeve, and Gitsupave. If there is someone who could be identified as a single leader, it would be the Gitsuyave, although she nearly always makes decisions in consultation with her sisters.   All temples, regardless of location, answer to the temple at Zi Tsadza Dzipu, although distant temples may organize together into a loose collective structure.   Although the leadership structure and public facing aspects of the church are all women, men are allowed to worship side-by-side with the woman, and even hold positions of rank. However, they are never allowed to be seen as representing the Brides.


Founded very early in the Fourth Age, Gitchyi va Tsadza started as a sect honoring Shözö but dedicated to the propogation of the species. As such, they were initially shunned as some form of sex cult. However, Shözö soon took notice and officially annointed the religion as one he accepted as worshipping him.   The Yibiduri culture was built, in part, on the religion and their practices lead to the broad acceptance of group marriages within that culture and within the nation of Vidapa as a whole.

Divine Origins

The Brides became a sanctioned relgion of Shözö with a speech he gave officially recognizing them. The speech was recorded in the Tsunyuma. The original copy is still held by the Brides.
Founding Date
360 CT
Religious, Organised Religion
Alternative Names
Brides of Shözö, formerly Wi Ndiyusnem
gitsu, gitchyi (pl.)
Related Ethnicities

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