Yibiduri (jibiˈduɾi)

People who founded Vidapa and speak Vitsengan.   The Yibiduri originally lived in the cave systems under the Untsadpa Mountains to the east of what is now Vidapa. However, there was a catastrophic avalanche and cave-in that trapped the people for for months. Many died off in that time. Eventually they were rescued by another group of people. Their name for themselvs is now lost, but the Yibiduri call the group, who remained with them, Idjib, which has come to mean "savior" in Vitsengan.   The language of the Yibiduri blended with that of their rescuers, with Vitsengan being the result. The mountains where they originated (the Untsadpa) are called "old home" in this now forgotten tongue.
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