ayitsi (aˈjiʦi)

The ayitsi is a species of monkey-like aboreal primates with prehensile tails that assist in the management of apple orchards in Vidapa.   Males and females are both approximately the same size, ranging from 28 to 38 cm long, with a tail from 40 to 50 cm long. They weigh between 580 and 1300 grams. Their faces are covered with short white fur with a black muzzle. The rest of their body is covered with brown to red/orange fur, with the belly usually being lighter in color, sometimes white. On rare occasions, the belly can be black.   Ayitsi tend to be quite intelligent, with the females slightly more so, but all ayitsi are easily trained. As trained for the orchards, they are trained to be able to tell the difference between healthy apples and sickly ones. They are also able to identify the quality of the blooms and prune the bad blooms before they can grow into apples, sapping the strength of the tree. This is thanks in part to their trichromatic vision, similar to humans, as opposed to the dichromatic or monchromatic vision of similar species..   Ayitsi are usually raised, trained, and cared for by the sijuli. Most sijuli spend their lives caring for a specific family of ayitsi, allowing for the formation of strong bonds between sijuli and ayitsi.

Basic Information

Growth Rate & Stages

Ayitsi mate yearly, with a gestation period of about 170 days. Babies stay with their mothers for 14–16 days, at which point the males take over care in a communal environment. They reach full size in about a year and full maturity about a year later.   It is during the adolescent stage that ayitsi are usually trained.
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Cover image: by Wei Zho; Hansi Brünglinghaus; Michael D Johnson


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