Mingkadu (ˈmiŋkadu)

When the Yibiduri left the Untsadpa Mountains following Witsustoge, they followed the river (which needs a name) towards the ocean. On the way there, they ventured through the desolate boglands. One group set out to better explore the region and never caught back up with the main groups, who moved on past the boglands.   The leader of this group was a bitter reactionary who was also actively rebelling against the matriarchy of the Gitchyi va Tsadza and the open relationships and group marriages of the Yibiduri. He convinced those with him to remain in the boglands to spite the others who had left them behind.   These people, who call themselves "the survivors" continue to live in the boglands after hundreds of years. They defy the rule of the goverment of Vidapa, welcoming dissidents, rebels, and outlaws, if they can survive the inhospitable land.   The mingkadu have been changed by their time in the boglands. They are able to subsist on much less water than their former brethren due to the lack of drinkable water in the brackish bogs. Plants that would normally be poisonous are now ataples of their diet. It is now normal for them to have cancerous sores on they bodies. For some, their faces are affected, for some their limbs, others their torsos. The worst are the ones who have sores covering their bodies from head to to.   The negatives of being mingkadu are somewhat balanced by the positives. They are stronger, have greater stamina and resistance to physical harm, and are more in tune with their environment. They're able to utilize all of these positive traits to maintain their secrets and remain largely hidden from the rest of the world.
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