Tsunyuma (ʦuˈnjuma)

Proclamation of Shözö acknowledging Gitchyi va Tsadza as a valid religion worshiping him. At the time, the Brides were called Wi Ndiyusnem, the Wives in Hedta.

Historical Details


The Tsunyuma was the original transcription of the speech by Shözö officially recognizing Gitchyi va Tsadza (then Wi Ndiyusnem).


The leaders of Wi Ndiyusnem knew that Shözö's visit to their temple would be important. They had several scribes on hand to record his every word.   On the second day of his visit he addressed the gathered people, acknowledging Wi Ndiyusnem and consecrating them as true followers of Shözö. After (and during) the ensuing orgy, the head scribe compiled the accounts of the speech to a single document, which was then presented to Shözö on the fourth day of his visit for his signature. It would have been on the third day, but Shözö's portion of the orgy extended through the entire third day, at which point none of the Wives could stand.   Several copies were made and distributed to the most prominant Wives. After Witsustoge, and the progression of Vitsengan, translations were made. Each temple now has a Vitsengan copy of the Tsunyuma. The original has been carefully preserved and now resides at Zi Tsadza Dzipu.
Decree, Religious
Authoring Date
360 CT
Ratification Date
360 CT
Signatories (Characters)
Signatories (Organizations)

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