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Manebovi, the Western Brother. Thought to represent Ŗadev, the god of air, weather, and music.   There are several temples dedicated to Ŗadev on Bovi:
  • The Temple of Air — Located inside a massive hollowed-out butte, the Temple of Air has numerous openings of various sizes and heights around its circumference. This allows winds to blow through the interior and birds to roost in the entryways and ledges lining the inside walls. It is lit by natural skylights; a number of openings exist in the roof of the structure.
  • The Temple of Music — Surrounded by a number of ampitheters of various sizes, the Temple of Music is home to a vast collection of musical instruments. Virtually every instrument known to the Fourth Age is available, as well as instructors for them. If an instructor (usually one of the priests) is not available for given instrument there is a chance that Ŗadev or his scion Nylvor may make themselves available.
  • The Temple of Stories — Connected to the Temple of Music, the Temple of Stories is where bards can come to learn the art of storytelling.
  •   There are several smaller temples dedicated to music scattered throughout the island, each inhabited by anywhere from one to 20 monks or priests. Each studies and practices a different form of music.
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