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Joto Crystals

Joto crystals, also known as hearth crystals, are usually pinkish gem stones that excel at focusing magical energy. The energy can be used stricly as a power source or can be focused on generating specific effects.   Originally discovered in the Fourth Age by the Ujajoxoro dwarfs at Viž Nuzo, smaller veins of the crystals have been found in various mountain ranges throughout the Two Continents.


Material Characteristics

Joto is harder than diamond but otherwise shares many characteristics with it.

Physical & Chemical Properties

The most important property of joto cyrstals is their ability to hold magic within their crystal matrix. This can be raw magical energy, or specific magical energies to produce certain effects when discharged.

History & Usage


In the Fourth Age, joto crystals were first discovered in their raw form within the caves of Viž Nuzo. The magical properties of the crystals were not disovered for some time after the initial discovery. A dwarf had decided she liked the look of a particular crystal and kept it in her work area. One day, while tuning the magic that would go into a particularly fine shield, her magic surged, causing the crystal to glow. She immediately began experimenting with the the crystal until she determined that it was a much better storage material for magic for fonujajo, although it was more brittle and suseptible to shattering.


Outside of Viž Nuzo (which was created artificially) joto crystals are often found within matrices that include radioactive materials. In some cases the the radioactivity is high enough to cause radiation sickness.

Reusability & Recycling

It is possible to purge the existing magic from a joto crystal and recharge it with different magic, effectively repurposing the crystal. It is unknown how many times this can be done.
Generally pale pink, although other colors are known.
Common State
Solid crystal structures
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