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Viž Tyuot

Viž Tyuot (literally, the spear) is the central feature of Viž Nuzo. It is immediately surrounded by a plain-like valley, with the mountains of Viž Nuzo retaining the valley.   The spear rises above the valley 35,128 feet, meaning it towers 40,258 feet above the plain outside Viž Nuzo. It has a 57 mile average diameter at the base. It's roughly centered within Viž Nuzo. It is surrounded by a 2 mile wide, 9,783 ft deep canyon, which widens under the valley into a network of caves. There are several stone bridges crossing from the valley to the spear.   A network of caverns also exists within Viž Tyuot. These appear to have been created from bubbles formed during the initial formation of Viž Tyout. The bubbles formed within the molten lava of the area as it was stretched by the forces of a magically empowered being launching theirself into the air. This created filaments of fonujajo within the structure, as well as cave features and entire chambers made from the material.   Viž Tyuot has become a sacred space for the dwarfs, who protect it fiercely. However, many of the caverns, especially in the higher reaches, have become populated with foul beasts, some of whom pull energy from the magic stored in the spire. The dwarfs keep the lower levels clear, but above the half mile mark or so, it has proven nearly an impossible task; they've resorted to simply containing the upper levels.   Rumors about what exists in the upper levels abound. Some believe unspeakable horrors populate the highest levels, keeping the merely mortal beings from below from approaching too closely to the gods. Others believe some form of magical portal to some other realm is maintained, either intentionally or by virtue of the magic imbued in the stones.

Fauna & Flora

Nothing lives on the outer surface if Viž Tyuot. However, any number of creatures, plants, fungi, and other living things live within the nearly endless cave structures contained within.

Natural Resources

Fonujajo comprises 75% or more of the stone comprising Viž Tyuot. However, the dwarfs refuse to mine the material from within the Spear.
Alternative Name(s)
The Spear
Mountain / Hill
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