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A highly dangerous and potent form of magic, Nuclear-Magic (NM) was created as a form of cheap man-made way of using spells to improve technology. It was made from Wild Magic by the Old Folk millions of years ago. It is a rare and nonrenewable resource, such as coal, and is thus treated carefully if being used. Using too much NM can result in horrible catastrophes of apocalyptic proportions. It is said the Black-Tower is powered by NM. It is also said that Big-Kahuna dn Big-Bahama, the two powerful atomic-bombs made by the Folk that created the Surakh and Drekkin, were infused with NM.   An earlier form of NM, known simply as Wild-Magic, has existed even before the arrival of the Folk and is much more potent in strength.


NM can be used to create Doors on any solid surface; they were used on numerous occasions by the Folk to enter and leave the Heimland at will. The doorway links to the desired location the person wishes to travel to and draws itself onto the closest solid surface so a person can walk straight through unhindered. It is useful for getting out of trouble, and for winning a fight.


The process is unknown, although most likely made with Moona.
The Old Folk
Access & Availability
Due to its strange and deadly power, Nuclear-Magic is strictly illegal and is not allowed to be used by any race of Heimland. Any race caught using NM are handled by Peacekeepers.
It can be used for many purposes and can even be used to construct magical artifacts. NM also gives you the ability to turn things into other forms.
Although it is unknown how NM was first created, it is speculated the Old Folk may have produced it through Moona.
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