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6/12/50 AE

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It's been 50 years since the Old Folk vanished. Only their machines are left, along with things waiting in the shadows. And whatever scraps of humanity remain are caught in conflict with a foreign race they either fail to understand, or are afraid to.   What happened to the Old Folk? Where did the machines come from? What are the sounds coming from the Tower? Who are the Others, and what do they want?   But these are the unimportant questions. For centuries there have been creatures hiding in plain sight among the populace, monsters wearing human skin. Creatures of a forgotten world, nameless beasts that walk like people, talk like people, but are still inhuman. But only now are the people becoming aware. Only now do they see. What are these "things" hiding among the people??? No one truly knows. But those that do know must must race over the course of the next week to prevent the catastrophe that will result from the discovery, and find something deeper along the way. Maybe they will find out where the Old Folk went.

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