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Damascus Steel

Lost to the surface world, the process of making damascus steel is very much alive in Buachalla. Damascus is a steel that whose process requires carbon, but through alchemical catalysis with palladium, the carbon forms nanocarbon tubules, which allow alchemical properties to be added to the steel. For example, many alchemists chose catalaíbane, an item which acts as a catalyst and a conduit for alchemy, to be made of damascus steel. This being said, in order for an item of damascus steel to be used as a catalaíbane, it must be crafted by or with the alchemist who wishes to use it, as the specifics of the item's alchemical abilities are dependent upon the alchemists own alchemical formulae. For the Abhartach, damascus steel is common, but for most other races in Sídhe, this is not the case. The most common use of the damascus steel for the Abhartach is in the mines. The Abhartach will work with a their associate smiths at the mill to create their own catalaíbane, which usually takes the shape of a pickaxe. These damascus steel pickaxes then allow the Abhartach to summon forth their ríastrad, but control it as they toll away down in the mines. Similarly, this is often the case of weapons forged as departure gifts for Abhartach who enlist in the Sídhe Navy. The farmers of Buachalla also use damascus steel to create plows and farming tools, along with adorning their mostly clay brick homes. Dire dogs and cats typically have damascus steel collars and even eating utensils are made of damascus steel as it it so abundant in Buachalla. That being said, it is essentially impossible to recreate by simply observing the metal. Smiths are very secretive with this process. This secrecy keeps the supply low, but the cost high for exported damascus steel.

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