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A Brief on the Advancements of Chamber

Master Anette has requested that I write my observations on the advancements of Chamber to present to the Archive when we return home. While I feel this may have been covered in some of my previous entries, it does stand to be condensed into a single document. The height of Chamber's power stems from it's focused view on things. Their magic power, being limited, is augmented by their use of the crystal they mine from the mountain. In this regard, they do have powerful rituals available to them, though some of their permanent structures, like the Zephyr Gate, how been around for nearly a century and a half, and I'm not sure they could even be replicated today. The craftspeople of Chamber are some of the best in the world. They have a small but highly effective army led by their noble families whose sole existence is the defense of their people. That army utilizes a number of cutting edge weapons, including electromagnetic rail rifles, their semi-sentient Golem war engines, and battle spells that can alter inertia briefly. In more mundane examples of the cities advancements, I have confirmed what I initially thought impossible, they do have working particle accelerator buried in the mountain. What's more, it seems to actually be a piece of tech that survived the Bleak Night! This is could mean there are other relics out there in the Spine waiting for discovery. Alternatively, it could mean that Chamber is hiding a great deal of power as well, seeing as how most access from the outside world is limited. The biggest asset Chamber seems to have is a highly dedicated people that are all working toward the collective goal of improving themselves. These people have completed engineering feats without the use of magic that no one else would have thought up much less attempted. I do admit that the longer I am here, the more I see that there are people showing discontent with their working conditions. I do fear that there could be some societal distress in the future if steps are not taken to correct some of the things the citizens are angry about. While I do intend to provide a more in depth look at some of these things in the future, I will conclude with the following summary. Chamber is a bit of a miracle. They have relative safety in their city and the means and will by which to improve themselves thanks to their drive, scientific and engineering expertise, and a vision of a shared future to guide them. They would make strong allies and a terrible, entrenched foe. What that means to the Archons back home, I do not know. I do wish I could stay here longer to do further research, but Master Anette has informed me that we will be leaving in the morning, as her meetings with the King have concluded. I never did have the chance to find out more about that guard Master Anette spoke to on the way into the city...maybe next time.

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