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Living Intelligence Framework Enhancement (LiFE)

Created by Peekajinx
"What are you doing with your LiFE?"
-- Recent marketing ad for LiFE


In the scientific race for microchip implantation that would help humans stay on the same level as the technology they created, Dr. Sal K. Hallibert, a biomedical engineer, made the first working prototype that allowed its user to mentally access the internet and control nearby technology. His work pioneered the way for development that would ultimately change the way people would perceive and use the world around them.

Access & Availability

While first used for the military, like most technology, it became publicly available in 2024. In the first year, only the wealthy were able to purchase the product for elite status in society. It did not take long for other companies to reverse engineer the design and more affordable options became available. Within two and a half years of it's initial public release, nearly every human had a LiFE implanted in their brain. The only exception were small anti-technology groups that were afraid it was just one more move by "Big Brother" to keep tabs on society.


Users of the device have compared LiFE to be the lovechild of android-style phones and augmented reality. It can be used for multiple things such as accessing the internet, taking images or videos based on visual data, playing games, etc. Many have used it to enhance their daily life both at home and at work and help stay on a schedule. It is possible to make calls and send texts and has replaced phone technology in the same way streaming entertainment content made DVDs and BluRays obsolete.


The implant itself is not very complex and is rather small, about the size of a small pill. It requires a simple outpatient surgery for implantation. The software inside the capsule is highly complex and is able to interpret electrical brain impulses into commands understood by machines. The user interface (UI) is displayed as an overlay of the person's vision and cannot be seen by anyone else unless authorized by the person.


The manufacturing of LiFE devices is no different than current manufacturing of computer parts. The real complexity is the code behind the device which is in constant development and improvement by teams of software engineers.
Dr. Sal K. Hallibert
Access & Availability
Available to Everyone
The hardware to this device is non-replaceable once implanted. Because of this, it is set up to always be linked to the LiFE network where it will be automatically updated to newest versions of its software.

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30 Aug, 2018 05:52

So... hipsters and Vegas don't like LIFE?

30 Aug, 2018 05:52

lol. I was thinking more of the conspiracy theorists.

30 Aug, 2018 07:04

You probably forget about religious fanatics that will say "This isn't the god way "or people that believe that they are special if they don't have it (the "I am not like the rest, I am special " thing )