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The Imps are the most experienced species with alchemy. Most of the other creatures down below know that it exists, but they do not have many ways to learn about it. They use cauldron to create all sorts of potions, ranging from ones that allow you to live forever, fulfill hunger, give you strength and more. One day, and old imp named Codlen combined all of the potions that he created in his lifetime that ended up creating Black Pudding. Black Pudding is a type of black ooze that will cover enemy's whole bodies and kill them with their acidic properties. As soon as Codlen discovered this, he knew that he wanted to use this to help the imps find a land of their own. He told as many imps as he could about his idea and many of them were on board. They thought that the best place to go, would be Gunkoro. Since all of the golems there do not talk to one another very often, they thought tthat they would be easy targets. They would use this black pudding, and whatever other potions, to have a place to call home
Access & Availability
It remains a mystery as to how many creatures are alchemists. Most of the creatures in Likanza do not see the need to create things in this manner. Since many of them do not know much about it, they fear its power. They don't know what it can be used for, so they simply don't trust it. Some of their elders have tried to learn more about it but they normally do not get very far. It is a very complex skill that most creatures do not want to risk ruining something in the process.
In order to master this skill, it takes a lot of practice. They're are very few books on how to do certain things so most of it is trial and error. The imps have their own collection of books, stating what they have tried and its outcome. They have learned that they need
Legend has it that two young imps flew down into the densest forest in Likanza one night 65 years ago. They loved to go there and explore the depths of the caves. They collected tons of different metals and gems over the course of a couple months until they decided to make things more interesting. They wanted to try combining all of these strange minerals to see what would happen. They did not plan on anything happening. They expected to pretend to make strange drinks or foods that they would use as a part of a make-believe feast. However, when they started combining things inside of a pot that they made earlier that day, some of their creations seemed to move or glow. Their patterns and colors mystified them. The two boys decided to try one of their elixirs, which made them feel light headed and their limbs felt wobbly. They ended up falling asleep for days on end, and when they woke up, they flew straight home and told their parents. The news spread and the boys never went back to that forest again.

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