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S13r and S33r Scope

As long as the Nu-humans can remember, they dreamt of life after death. Arielism promised glory in heaven and thanks to the invention of the S13r it is finally going to be in their sights. The "scope" works less like a telescope and more like reading radio waves on a screen. The image they receive isn't literal, but rather a depiction made comprehend-able to the human eye. Scientists have known for years that it's decaying and yet the general public denies it. Few scientists are willing to publish these findings, especially after the uproar calling it paradise has caused. But they watch and they fear.   Still, others are bolder, or simply eager for fame and funding. It has taken years to adjust the frequencies and add just the right filters to keep the frequencies they find routed in this dimension. The tests have been positive so far and the nature of human souls stand out among the empty material backgrounds. Scientists have even been able to differentiate between these and what they see in the S13r as they could differentiate between animal and plant souls. Just a bit more tweaking, not to mention plenty of commercial hype, and it will be ready to release to the public in just a few weeks. And with it the existence of Asomats.
Access & Availability
Right now the S13r scope is limited to government facilities and universities that can afford to study the Asomatous plane. The S33r however was always meant to be a commercial product and are being developed to be no bigger than a pair of old school binoculars from before the time of zoom glasses. They're secluded in factories soon to be delivered to shops, in all metropolitan cities around Nu-Earth.

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