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Golem Prosthetics

For millennia wizards molded clay into humanoid shapes, and brought them to life. Golem prosthetics are arms and legs molded from clay and attached to an amputee, psychically connected to them.


Arms and legs have been known to gain sentience, some are friendly, others not so much. Men have been strangled by their own arms, but it doesn't happen often enough for people to really care.


The prosthetics are custom made for every user, and usually only take a few hours to make.
Jun Waylos, with help from Davos.
Access & Availability
They are very cheap and easy to make, available to all but the poorest of people. Soldiers who lose a limb in the line of duty are given them for free, paid for by the government.
Compared to enchanting a weapon or creating void worthy ships, a golem prosthetic is very easy to make, requiring only clay and a few enchantments.
Long before mankind left Eot to explore the stars, wizards had molded beings from clay to serve as their guards and assistants, these were golems. After Yeshi was officially annexed in 201 AU, crystal mana flooded the markets. Crystal mana was much more potent and easier to handle than mana in liquid form, and a way to create it artificially had yet to be developed. With access to the mana mines on Yeshi, the Cennti Empire went through an industrial and technological revolution. Healing potions and runes could now be mass produced. One of the most significant inventions of this time was golem prosthetics. Artificer Jun Waylos was a former combat medic who lost his arm in 272, during the Second Briathone Expedition, one of many pacifications of Briathone separatists. Waylos thought that if you could create a whole being from clay, that you could also create part of a being. Using clay and the ancient rituals, he molded himself an arm. There was one problem though, the arm quickly gained sentience. At first considered a setback, Waylos decided to go with it. He become both a friend and father figure to the arm, which he named Davos, after a captain who fought in the Mana War. Jun Waylos taught Davos to write, and together they worked in the field of prosthetics all the way until Waylos' death in 308 AU. Davos committed suicide by pulling himself into a furnace not long after that. Prosthetics that completely obey the wearer were created in 311, but the sentient ones remained popular for many.

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