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Void Realms

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While there are many worlds within the Void Realms, the most famous of them would be Eot. A green, temperate world with great prairies and sparse forests, and a circumference of 3000 miles. Eot's star orbits the world at a distance of 28,700 miles, with a circumference of 820 miles, and three portals on its surface connecting to three other stars. Ships powered by mana fly through the Void, with special enchantments to maintain air and gravity. These stars are spheres composed of magic in its most pure and volatile form. If a ship attempts to land on a star, it is instantly vaporized, but if it travels through one of the portals on its surface, the ship will travel through another dimension, blasting out of a portal on the surface of another star.   Eot is the homeworld of Man, once a world composed of bickering kingdoms and nation states, the world united under one government after a decades long war waged by King Markus of the Cennti, an ethnic people belonging to the center north of Eot. After the war, Markus had himself proclaimed Marcus the Great, first Emperor of the Cennti Empire. This happened in the year 0 AU(After Unification). It has been over 500 years since that day, the Empire now rules over eight worlds, and the Empire is crumbling. In 510 AU the hedonistic Marcus the 17th was assassinated by his own bodyguards, and the military formed a junta to rule the Empire until stability was achieved and a new emperor could be chosen. Taking advantage of the chaos, many provinces on other worlds have declared themselves independent of the Eotian government, the largest of these provinces is Alba on the world Gelgoreg. These secessionists have allied with each other to form the Alba Confederacy. At the same time, on the edge of the Known Void, a bastard of the dead emperor, exiled long ago, has come forth. This man, Sulla, declares himself the rightful ruler of the Empire, and many have rallied to his cause. The Empire is now caught in a three way civil war across eight worlds with no clear end in sight. Anything can happen now.