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Jackan Slythe was a Notaran noble cast out from King's Cove for engaging in an intimate relationship with a Solaran Valkyrie resulting in an illegitmate Halfling. Starving and alone Jackan fumbled his way to the Eastern Coast of the continent where on the shore he found a sparkling metal he found he could manipulate with his touch. He could bend, break and reform the metallic nature and would use it to build himself a shelter. With some he could make more, expanding what he would call malletal to create and entire town on a river several miles inland from the sea, but close enough to hear the waves.


It is used to build, hide and defend in Jacksweir. Ingestion is outlawed as once it is integrated into an organic bloodstream the host can be manipulated via Notaran touch. This was seen as immoral by Jackan.


The material expands and multiplies on command when activated. It can be molded into any shape or consistency, the materials limit seems to be only the imagination of it's wielder.
The origin of the substance is unknown, Jackan believes it was delivered from Notare via the sea as a means of forgiveness. However, the truth is more sinister.
Access & Availability
Malletal is known only to the people of Jacksweir, a town of outcasts and unwanteds, hidden from those who disown them and the enemy Solarans alike.
Malletal is only activated by Notaran and Halfling touch, to other races it is simply metal in nature. Prolonged manipulation seems to negatively alter the users mental state.
Jackan Slythe used it to save himself on the shore of Notare's Throat and build the town of Jacksweir. The minute he made contact with the alien substance it became putty in his hands and Jackan saw his salvation.

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