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[Small Scale] Defensive Array — Introductory Page

Defensive Structures: Array Enchantments - Grade Beochi, Clearance Cunei
Clearance Cunei level of information regarding Defensive Array's - Small Scale.
  This is your standard issued instructional handbook, please read over the summary and move forward with the detailed instruction.   You aren't Cleared to view much else beyond this document. Next time maybe you should get on the direct Project or Team Force. Glad to have you on board though! Supply lines are always in need of Security and with any luck you'll be valued high enough to learn the rest.     Between you and me? As you are't a researcher, the only way you'll ever get enough Clearance for that, with your specialization is if you get assigned to the Main Security Unit.
By the Will of the Ora, I wish you Luck! — AA


Under the necessity of defense in war time and due to the lack of available resources, the militia required to downsize it material use while maintaining its effectiveness.  
No matter the environment or situation, a Kawan Solider would never lack for defensive measures. A shield during fire and an armor boost during combat.
— 24th Head of Defense
    Could we perhaps turn a shield into a container? Keep a hold of the things that we would rather not see the color? I think so! What about you?


I know you're probably upset since receiving Clearance Cunei is no easy feat, like at all.

So here we give you the quickest rundown on 'How to create a [Temporary] Small Scale Defensive Arrays' on your own! It tanks quite a bit before it breaks down.

    The shape of the object doesn't affect anything, rather you should always pay attention to the materials. Make sure you always have your removable Grade Cunei emblem and cufflinks with you. The emblems help you identify attuned or endowed material components. The cufflinks are able to help you find compatible (synergistic) material.  
  • Defense Array Base
I'd recommend to use some kind of wood, it's easy to carve and light enough to carry plus wood has a high rate of natural synergy with other materials - it chimes well with all those other frequencies, remember those? Stone works as well, but transportation is cumbersome. (Don't be a fool and try to use something like paper as a Base, if you're dumb enough to try it I'll let you regret it).    
  • Defense Array Synchronization
When you Emblem glows, get a piece of the base material and insert it into one of your cufflinks. Then your emblem will only glow when it finds compatible frequencies.   A small scale array only requires three component combinations to... well, help magic flow better. When you find compatible components it's because they have similar frequencies, think of a choir singing - they all sound like they belong and thus are able to synergize well. Remember this because if they don't have good synergy the results can be fatal for you even before you're attacked. So to make your search easy, you need both organic and inorganic. Organic is normally some type of plant (yes there is a reason behind it, but don't bother - we're giving you a way to by-pass the techno babble). For your sake I'd recommend looking for one that you could grind down into a paste or seems full of sap and then look for a drier plant, Powdered Tenuis does really well with a large number of other components. If you don't have Powdered Tenuis on hand, go sit in a corner and wonder why you went through training.  
  • Defense Array Activation
Next look for compatible minerals (stones, or rocks normally have these minerals infused so you don't often have to worry about the inorganic component when using them as a base). With the inorganic material draw the Basic Kawa Crest - that double eagle doesn't seem so dumb now, huh? - into your base. Use that same material to crush and mix the organic paste and slather it onto the base, then speak the Kawa Protection Salute - it's like we make you all do things for a reason!       Your small scale shield is ready for use! And if your smart you'll have a Synchronization mix on hand and ready, because the cufflink work in reverse. Also don't go trying to fortify an entire building, we call it 'Small Scale' for a reason, at best you'll be able to use normal wall. You'll have about an hour of protection before it starts to break - at which point you should have already been running.
Access & Availability
Many people already know of its possibility - it's how we've managed to attract talent from Vinesdsia - but its production and our research on is a Grade Beochis level secret.   Contact your Handler for any specific questions on public announcements.
There are numerous material components that have specific Magical Frequencies. Some of the main Projects are currently attempting to reverse engineer the existing arrays. There is still much trial and error to find a larger variety of compatible components and their relations.
(Probably 'cause we know how to find the things that work. That's also kinda of the problem)

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