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– The world’s origin remain enigmatic to it’s residents. Be it due to the loss historical data or outside interference of unknown classification, we can only make assumptions based on the finding of the Nameless. ____ the lack of reliable evidence has proven to be in the unveiled, we cannot change [spend all available resources] on a singular field of study …    That is the purpose of this [series] [book] [research?] I wish to compile all known knowledge of our current world, it's origin, assumptions made and why —   — to inspire the current and future generations to see past what ever current obsession has taken a hold of the populous [since that actually seems to be a recurring pattern within our known world] …   The Latin origin of implacable. The world itself is a kin to a living organism, and a such was named after the predominant ‘personality trait:’ it’s inability to be placated … Should this relate to the influence of a single creator, intentional or whimsical in nature, to that of multiple or a singular existence also remains unknown.    — Excerpt from the working draft ‘A Therotetical Musing on Implacabilis’ found on the desk of the Vice Chair for Magical Endowments and Illustrious Conditions

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