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The Gun

A weapon that has been recreated into many forms, which uses explosives as a propulsion method to launch either small or large projectiles of lead or iron.


Used primarily for warfare, but the successful person can buy one for protection or hunting.
Access & Availability
Guns are still new, and so are very expensive for the average person, however the Royals have put cannons on every ship owned now, and every soldier is now in possession of both a sward and a gun. Blacksmiths all over Adden are working to learn how to make guns, and giving their apprentices the jobs of making bullets, some even using simple small round metal that is useless to them as a new kind of bullet that requires no accuracy. The black powder however has become rather widespread and is beginning to be looked at for mining purposes.
A trigger is pulled which releases hammer that is primed on a spring to hit a piece of flint lighting the black powder and causing the explosion.
Mines were constantly coming up with strange and useless powders that the miners would need to knock onto the cave floor where it would be swept up and dumped out into a large pile. One charcoal mine had a terrible mishap. Before the mine could be swept out one of the lanterns hit the floor, igniting the mixture of coal dust, sulfur and salt peter, causing a small explosion, that killed two and critically injured ten miners. Upon looking into the cause of such an event they discovered that by mixing those three components you could get a highly combustible powder. The Adden Royals quickly caught wind of this and began experimenting to see what kind of weapons could be created, thus making the first gun, and soon after the first reusable gun.

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