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Concealing Lenses

Iris held up a pair of cat-eye glasses with bright red, ridiculously thick frames. "So how do these work?"

"Magic," Isaac replied. Iris gave him a look like she couldn't tell if he was being serious or not. "Well, technically, it has something to do with 'the composition acting as an extension of ourselves and our mental capabilities,' but it's quicker and easier to just say magic."

Concealing lenses are special eyeglass lenses used by gorgons to conceal their unusual eye appearances from outsiders.


As the name suggests, concealing lenses are used by gorgons to disguise they're unusual eyes from regular humans. If a human sees a gorgon's eyes while wearing these lenses, their black sclera will appear white and their slit pupils will appear round. Their iris colors will also change to resemble common human iris colors: Magenta, red, orange, and yellow eyes will appear as varying shades of brown; green, blue and purple eyes will appear as more natural hues; and white and silver eyes will appear as grey. In addition, any gorgon who wears concealing lenses will be less or unaffected by other gorgons' psychic powers. This, however, has the drawback of dampening the wearer's own powers.


The production of concealing lenses is similar to the production of regular glasses lenses. A small amount of gorgon blood is added into a glass mixture to give it its special properties. The mixture is processed into rough, opaque pieces of glass called lens blanks. From there, the lens blanks are cut with a diamond grinding tool to fit the shape of the frame and, if necessary, create the right lens thickness and curvature for the wearer's prescription. The lenses are then fitted polished to transparency and fitted into their frames.
Access & Availability
Concealing lenses are only produced and sold in gorgon communities.

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